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Invite you to the do .co.uk was established in 2005 after bride-to-be Leanne Harkness spent several frustrating weeks fruitlessly searching for suitable stationery for her wedding. After chatting to her mother Dawn, who had worked in arts and crafts for many years, the duo decided to combine their skills and created "perfect" cards for Leanne's special day. Not only that, but the seeds of a special business partnership were sown. "We really made the perfect partnership," explained Leanne, "as the combination of my computer skills and my mother's handcraft abilities started to produce some inspiring and original results." As the company's reputation grew, demand soared for their designer bespoke cards and stationery. Invite you to the do.co.uk now offer customers a wide range of cards and stationery - including place cards, table triangles, cake boxes and invitations - and are always willing to weave in new and inspirational ideas to help celebrate a customer's special occasion!

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