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Singlefold Invitations

Singlefold Wedding and Evening Invitations

These are 12cm x 12cm.

These can open upwards or sideways, please specify your preferred way.

The Front of the Invitation

The front of the invitation can be decorated in so many different ways.  I have a whole portfolio of designs below for you to choose from or you can email me with ideas of your own and I can see what I can do.  Some ideas are more practical for pocketfolds than others so it may mean making slight adjustments, but you will be amazed what I can do.


The Shirley Range - £1.95 each

The Elizabeth Range - £1.75 each

The Elegance Range - £2.15 each

The Joanna Range - £1.75 each

The Entwined Hearts Range - £1.45 each

The Two Hearts Range - £1.45 each

The Butterfly Dreams Range - £1.45 each

The Vintage Touch Range - £2.25 each

The Vintage Pearls Range - £1.45 each

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